Board :Chronicles of the Winds
Author :Spiri
Subject :Dirntal Honorable Action
Date :5/16

 It is with pleasure I announce this mark. Today I witnessed Dirntal with performing an Honorable act. He showed some of the traits it takes to obtain this mark, Honesty, Honor, and Kindness.

 Dirntal came across a valuable, and rare item. Rather than keep silent and use the item to gain from it, he sought out what he should do with it. The item has been returned to its rightful owner. For this action he showed the above traits as well as tolerance. Knowing that had this happened to him he would want the same outcome.

 It is through this I felt it necessary to note his honorable act. It is our priority in the Chongunate to make sure we note the great deeds of the individuals through out the kingdom and its an honor to bestow such a mark to Dirntal.

 Spiri of War
Chongun Regent