Board :Chronicles of the Winds
Author :Stride
Subject :Treasure Hunt
Date :10/9
     Stride's Treasure Hunt

1. Research

  The item I researched was a NonBonded Faerie Light. I researched the going price, and aimed to find one on the market for the lower side of the going price.

2. Preparation
   In order to get the coins I needed to afford such item I farmed ambers and wool. It took approximately 1k regular amber farming and 500 wool. I then sold the items I farmed.

3. Treasure Hunt
    My treasure hunt started. You'd think it'd be easier, but whew it took patience. It was harder than I thought to find this item for a low price! Either someone wanted 2m or I couldn't find it, period! I finally found a seller and she was more than happy to get it off her hands for the low price of 1.25m! I was actually aiming to buy it for around 1.5m so this beat my price!    

4. Report

I would say I had a successful treasure hunt. I got to gather my own coins, and observe the market looking for the right time to strike! Like I said previously I had only planned on spending about 1.5m coins but ended up scoring one for even lower! What a fun time! I learned quite a bit from this Treasure Hunt experience!!