Board :Chronicles of the Winds
Author :SubChess
Subject :Augury Vision
Date :8/24
*You see a torn page laying on the floor in front of the board, intrigued by it's tattered appearance, you pick it up and begin to read*

I leave this here for anyone that cares to read, for anyone that cares to try and save... The visions are back, I cannot fully explain the order of events for even I cannot see the entire image through the shroud of darkness.

It starts on Dae Shore where I often spend my leisure time to appreciate the smaller things in life. Laying by the shore admiring the gorgeous setting.
I then notice the waves cease, complete calm comes over the water. Then ripples start spreading towards shore but I cannot see the origin. The ripples become more and more consistent, soon the ripples turn in to waves. Baffled at this I take a step back to gather my thoughts, is this a vision or is this truly happening?
The waves continue to crash on shore, becoming more and more fierce.  
As the tenacity builds I begin to gaze out in to the distance to see if I can see any cause of this disturbance. A thick haze begins to form as I gaze, it's like something knew that I was looking for it, the fog is too thick now, I can barely see my own hands. Disrubed by this vision I look down and see a catastophe of lumber at my feet, wait, it is not lumber, it is shredded trees... It appears as though something destroyed an entire forest and cast it in to the ocean? Why...?

I must collect my thoughts. Anyone that has had a similar vision please contact me. This needs to be solved, I fear for these lands...