Board :Chronicles of the Winds
Author :Sunhwa
Subject :The Road South
Date :1/26
    [A torn journal page has been posted to the board -
     - probably by a kind citizen who found it misplaced
     somewhere. The fine-quality paper smells of rose and
     lilac perfume. The neat handwriting is written in a
     shimmering, silver ink.]

 - \ '-.    _/\_./  "\     /"  v  "\                 ."  \
  "    \_./          "\_/"         "\_            ,/     "\
                                       ".      _,_/         "
     Hyul 90, 1st Moon                  /  ._/^
    25th Sun                           /_./

I've finished what I set out to do: I've graduated from the Imperial Mages Guild. "Imperial Enchanter" is an impressive enough title, I suppose. Mother and Father will be absolutely thrilled -- though I expect they'll also be anticipating my return to Geumgwan.

I have no intention of returning to Kaya -- not yet, anyway. Gaining a formal magical education wasn't my sole purpose for coming north. This is my first -- and perhaps only -- chance to make a name for myself. My familial connections run too deep in Kaya and Shilla for me to be seen as anything but a daughter of House Taekaya. No, it must be within the three northern Kingdoms that I carve a path for myself.

The Buyan Empire has been graciously accommodating, but I won't be applying for dual-citizenship here. Despite its elegance and charms, Buya is far too cold for my liking and I find it quite impossible to become acclimated to the cool, dry air. My body aches for the warmth and humidity of my homeland, so I have chosen to move to Nagnang.

In addition to the more pleasant climate, Nagnang has deep connections to Kaya already. Perhaps a Sorceress from Kaya will be looked upon with less suspicion there -- though after the exploits of Wiyae and Yieta, I cannot fault the northern people for treating me with a degree of skepticism. Still, my family's influence in Kaya and Shilla could prove useful to Nagnang.

Perhaps I will offer to be of service...