Board :Chronicles of the Winds
Author :Sunhwa
Subject :[ An Enchanted Document ]
Date :10/6

[A formal application has been posted to the board, probably by a good samaritan who found it misplaced somewhere. The scroll itself seems to have been constructed by a scribe of immense skill and vibrates with arcane energy.]  

<b>              __,          __, _,      ____,
<b>             (-|          (-|\/|      (-/ _,
<b>              _|_mperial,  _| _|ages,  _\__|uild,



 Greetings, Prospective Apprentice!

 Thank you for your interest in the Imperial Mages Guild.
 We are, of course, the premier academy for magery and
 arcana within the lands. Please complete the basic
 application below and return it to our sanctum in the
 Imperial City.

  Should we find your application acceptable, you will be
 summoned to perform a practical display of magical
  aptitude before being formally admitted into the guild.
  Good luck, and may the aetherial forces be with you!

 Arch-Mage of the Imperial Mages Guild


<b> * Name

Lady Sunhwa of House Taekaya.

<b> * Age


<b> * Gender


<b> * Place of Origin

Geumgwan, Kaya.

<b> * Current Occupation


<b> * Personal References

1. Suro of House Kim, King of Kaya
2. Jeewon of House Kim, Queen of Kaya
3. Queen Induk of Shilla
4. Lord Taketori, Royal Storyteller of Kaya

<b>    In the space below, please leave a drop of your blood.
<b>    The enchantment placed upon this scroll with detect if
<b>    you have the appropriate levels of mana within your
<b>    veins.

[A crimson stain can be found in the space below. The magical hum of energy within the scroll seems to be focused around it.]