Board :Chronicles of the Winds
Author :Sunhwa
Subject :A Life Gone Past
Date :10/23
  [A scroll is pinned to the board. While reading it, the
   sweet aroma of lotus fills your senses. The elegant
   script is written in a shimmering silver ink that almost
   glows against the violet paper.]

It's hard for me to imagine any other life than my own. Being a noble, my upbringing was somewhat sheltered. I saw only the decadence that surrounded me. Interaction with anyone below my station was frowned upon, and I could only glimpse at the lives of the common people from afar.

Given this, it should come as no surprise that I cannot even begin to fathom a past life. Who was I? What did I do? Did I accomplish anything of note? Was I wicked? Good? Stranger yet, was I a creature of the forest? And insect? The possibilities are endless.

With these questions burning inside of me, I now seek the aid of one who can peer into my soul's past endeavors. I hope that learning from my past will give me insight into who I am now... and who I may yet become.

                                         Lady Sunhwa
<b>                                   ____,         ____,
<b>                                  (-(__         (-|    
<b>                                   ____)unhwa,   _|aekaya,  
                                 Daughter of House Taekaya