Board :Chronicles of the Winds
Author :Sunhwa
Subject :Raven Devotion
Date :11/25
  [A scroll is pinned to the board. While reading it, the
   sweet aroma of lotus fills your senses. The elegant
   script is written in a shimmering silver ink that almost
   glows against the violet paper.]

I came into my magic at a young age. I've always felt the mana in my blood - and have always been able to use it to shape the aethers into physical manifestations. This is the essence of magic, and it's amazing how many practitioners don't realize these fundamentals due to the often-instinctual nature of spellcasting.

The raven, as a spirit animal, is the primary symbol of magic. Given my lifelong devotion to the arcane arts, it should be no surprise that this is the animal to which I most closely relate. The continued study of spellcraft often brings new magical experiences into one's life, and the raven is often a harbinger of such things.

The raven, of course, is also a symbol of intelligence. It takes a sharp mind to fully pursue the study of magic, and I often find myself dedicating my time to scholarly pursuits. As is the case with most studies, theory is just as important as practice. Knowing HOW magic works is the key to great spellcasting.

With my heart dedicated to the raven, I shall take my magic to new heights.  

                                        Lady Sunhwa
<b>                                   ____,         ____,
<b>                                  (-(__         (-|    
<b>                                   ____)unhwa,   _|aekaya,  
                                 Daughter of House Taekaya