Board :Chronicles of the Winds
Author :TakeTori
Subject :Haso's state.
Date :4/6
To the community,

                       Haso's State. . .

Haso has taken a leave from the community due to a farmer.
You won't know where he hides and he doesn't want people to know.

Haso says to me
I shall seek refuge, Not on top of a mountain.
I won't roam, my men will.
 As a farmer says, Should I roam the kingdoms, alert the  
 authorities. Why would I tell you? You already
 know  I am a very wanted man. Seems stupid to tell you my    
plans! All I will say is.
                            Good luck!
                               Spread rumors!
                                    You can't!
                                         Trust Farmers!

From Messanger,