Board :Chronicles of the Winds
Author :Thameus
Subject :[RGN] Mayor Teikari
Date :8/6

Mayor Teikari,

I am sorry to hear about the citizens who are missing from
Kinung. As a Nangen I know what it's like to lose so many
citizens in a blink of an eye. I want you to know that the
Royal Guard of Nagnang will not rest until we have uncovered
what has happened to your citizens.

We have been scouring Kinung and any paths that lead into
your town for clues of what has happened. We have even
expanded that search to include parts of Vale, Southern
Koguryo and even the Mountain Ranges in Nagnang. We plan on
expanding that search even more as the night falls upon us.

We plan on assisting the Rangers and Chonguns in their
expedition later this evening. My hopes are that you
host a forum in your Town hall so that we can get a better
understanding of the events that lead up to this sudden
disappearance of citizens.


Thameus Kyun' Sudeki
General of Nagnang