Board :Chronicles of the Winds
Author :ThePoe
Subject :Past Life
Date :6/17

    I dreamt a dream in which I was enjoying a lazy afternoon.
In this dream I was drinking some rice wine and fishing by the river right outside of the village. It was a warm day, filled with the sounds of nature and the steady stream in which I hoped to grab a few fish for my dinner.
   As I sat there drinking, I could not help but notice a fat squirrel chasing another. At first I thought it was maybe because they were playig, but as I continued to observe, I could not help but notice that maybe it was more of a mating ritual than anything else. I chuckled to myself as it reminded me of my youth and how energetic I was back then but I felt a little sadness for the fat squirrel. He seemed to trying his hardest to catch up to his chosen mate, but she seemed more fit and agile than he.

   As I continued drinking and watching the squirrels, I felt tug on my line. I quickly jumped to attend to my rod and a battle quickly began. I could feel the strength and determination in this monster fish as I had the same determination to bring him home! I tuged and reeled as much as I could, but I knew better than to go to quickly as the line might break. For every few inches I thought I had gained, I seem to have lost a foot. Droplets of sweat started to drip down my brow and I knew that this would be the hardest fish I had ever faced in my life. My teeth and grib tighten, and finally I felt the fish was getting tired. I continued to let him swim a little to tire him out more and I knew this fish must be at least half a human size if not bigger!

   Alas, the mighty fish tired out and as I reeled him in, I could not wait to see how big he was. Maybe I had set a record and the village would honor such a mighty battle! As the fish reluctantly came into the shallows, I could see a large shadow that stretched over five feet, and as I walked into the shallows to face this gigantic beast, I heard a voice behind me calling my name.
        "Sir....Sir....Please wake up. It is time for you to get ready for the festival. Your mother is waiting for you." said the voice.  

Annoyed that I could not see what beast I had caught, I opened my eyes and slowly rolled out of bed.

      "You are the hier to the thrown yet you dress so poorly, quickly go bathe and change before the festival begins, your highness", the voice said once more.

-Diviner Guide-
       -Grey Mi-Rae-