Board :Chronicles of the Winds
Author :Tradita
Subject :Mayor Teikari
Date :8/6

Mayor Teikari,

Buya and Her Majesty Queen Lasahn, are extremely worried about your news.
Please don?t  hesitate to contact me and, my soldiers for any help needed to search for the missing  citizens. I have took upon myself to search Kinung on one of my walks, for any clues or such, so far I have only been approached by some odd looking ghosts and black ravens....nothing that would imply any foul play on their part. As soon I?m able to gather some soldiers  this evening, I will assure you that we shall be patrolling the area for some more clues! I?m pretty sure that I can speak for our Clans and Ministry, that we will be doing everything  possible to find the missing citizens.

  General Tradita
*Buyan Imperial Army*