Board :Chronicles of the Winds
Author :Triad
Subject :Vision of Fire & Wind
Date :12/14
============= The image of Wind
====     ====
====     ==== The image of Fire

             to create the Sun!

Chia Jen, the 37th hexagram. I have seen a vision of the future in the form of a burning star. Most appropriate for the coming Wisdom Star celebration. When facing difficult times, we must turn to our families for comfort and support. It is easy to lose the path of balance in the quest for power. Do not let the temptations of dishonesty, corruption, and wealth sway you off your path. Remain true to yourself.

Find your comfort in a place of relaxation and dive into your authenticity. We ultimately change as time progresses, like the burning sun in the sky. Remember, through these times of change rest and recovery are just as important as the hunt itself.