Board :Chronicles of the Winds
Author :Vini
Subject :Devotion to the Butterfly
Date :2/13

I've been going through a period of transformation over the past month and began to internalize many aspects of my beliefs and habits as part of this change. Over the past weeks I've been in an allegorical cocoon, reviewing priorities and preparing myself to let go of things and people that matter a lot to me.

<b>To represent this transformation, I've decided to
<b>officialize my devotion to the butterfly.

It symbolizes rebirth and as it's well known by community, my wife has passed away a decade ago and was reborn in form of a butterfly near tree of reflections. With an eternal devotion to the woman who marked my heart, since the year we lost her, I've visited her butterfly form daily at Kugnae's east gate. But our spirits were not bonded through this life and the next, with help of monks I found that in a past life I was a butterfly too.

I feel that recognizing this devotion to butterfly, now more than ever, makes sense and will allow me to connect even further to my beloved wife.

~Vini Normad'or~