Board :Chronicles of the Winds
Author :Zhar
Subject :- Walking Nagnang -
Date :7/3
Wandering the Land of the Dead, my home, Nagnang, I reflected silently, walking.  Being away for so long makes one yearn to feel the dirt of the Mother Land beneath the soles of their feet.

Having been back now for quite some time at that, I've formed a ritual of walking nightly.  I've uncovered what were once well-beaten paths to common areas that people either forgot about, or just no longer care to visit.  The dirt roads seem empty to me, and the silence speaks to my being.  

Those I pass have weary eyes, and are unbothered to wander by someone on a dirt road, at night, without so much as a greeting, or looking behind their backs as they pass one another.  In a land where we always greeted one another in passing, and checked our six when passing a stranger.. I feel lost. I seek purpose, yet, know not where to find it.  

Oh, but these are just the musings of a mad man.  It sounds like the rain has lifted outside.  Perhaps it is time to continue my nightly walk and part with the shelter of the Nagnang Palace Courtyard.  

- Zhar Medri -