Board :Chronicles of the Winds
Author :siulet
Subject :Butterfly Devotion
Date :7/6

    I've been seeing a lot of butterflies in my daily
     life lately. They seem to follow and surround me
     wherever I am at.
    So I took my time to observe the fleeting beauty
     of a butterfly as it floats by in Sangha.
     Yesterday one landed on my hand and stayed with
     me way longer than one usually would, it puts a
     smile on my face and touched my soul.
     I feel they have chosen to help me transcend
     through my current situation.

    When I think about the butterfly and its life
     cycle, it contains a great spiritual meaning.
     It's a symbol of powerful transformation,
     metamorphosis in  life..
    They have the ability to go through important
     changes with grace and lightness.
    Butterflies are beautiful, they enjoy everything
     beautiful in the world.
     They flutter on the slightest breezes and they
     live off of flowers and plants.

    I do have a big transition in my life at this

    Their presence always remind me to enjoy the
     smallest things and to always remember that life
     is short, and yet filled with beauty.

     ~ I wish to devote myself to the butterfly ~

                                     - siulet -