Board :Chronicles of the Winds
Author :sunKiss
Subject :`~ C a t  Devotion
Date :6/6
      There was a moment many many hyuls ago when
       I was deeply depressed, crying, and
       seriously thinking for the first time of how
       I should end my life.
       Suddenly I saw this cat had planted herself
       in front of me with the biggest, most
       concerned eyes I had ever seen. I remember,
       even when I was in pieces, I had such a
       sweet night, felt protected, peacefully, and
       not alone in a single moment.
       It made me stop crying..

      From that night on I embarked on a profound
       journey of self discovery. I've found out
       that I share many qualities with this

      I am independent, yet enjoying social
       connections. I have courage to explore the
       unknown and the pirit of adventure.
      The wisdom of the cat totem lies in my
       ability to remain quiet, observe, and then
       act when the time is right, as I consider
       myself as great hunter using not just force,
       but a refined sense of timing in the moment
       of the attack.

      Because of these reasons, I decided to
       devote myself to the Cat..

                                       ~ sunKiss