Board :Chronicles of the Winds
Author :theSavior
Subject :(|) Mayor Teikari and Kinung
Date :8/3
To Mayor Teikari and the citizens of Kinung:

After reading your letter many of the Waterborn of Oceana
made their way to the neighboring island of Kinung to help
search for the missing individuals. We were not able to
find any signs of disturbance, but we will be vigilant in
our guard of the islands and keep watch for any nefarious

The Waterborn are more than willing to help find the missing
citizens of Kinung and will be doing whatever we can to aid
from the seas. Mayor Teikari if you are willing to set up a
meeting to discuss details perhaps that would be the best way
to figure out a plan of action in recovering the citizens that
have been lost from the island.

For now, do you know where they were last seen? This could
help in our continued search to help.

---- Primogen theSavior Xing-Normad'or
    (|) to the Waterborn of Oceana (|)