Board :Community Events
Author :Amatus
Subject :/> Samurang Showdown <\
Date :7/15
  _____                                          _  .  _
  |   __|___ _____ _ _ ___ ___ ___ ___    _      // /|\ \\  
 |__   | .'|     | | |  _| .'|   | . |  |\\     \\_| |_//
 |_____|__,|_|_|_|___|_| |__,|_|_|_  |   \\\     \__O__/
         ____                    |___|    \\\      | |
        /____""""----____                 <\=\>    | |
             """"----____""""----/___       \_\    | |
   _____  _              """"---/===|0             | |
  |   __|| |_  ___  _ _ _  _|"| ___  _ _ _  ___    | |
   |__   ||   || . || | | || . || . || | | ||   |   | |
  |_____||_|_||___||_____||___||___||_____||_|_|   | |
...Brought to you by the Chongunate...              \_/
The Samurangs of the past used an ancient training technique of magical weapons we now refer to as 'Samurang Showdown'. It involved strategy and well-thought execution in a small ring to take down your opponent by poisoning, cursing, then sending a jolt of electricity through your opponents body. It was said that the Samurang that initially invented this ancient training technique was able to immobilize an opponent with nothing but a few waves of his weapon. The Chongunate has been using this training technique for ages, and we now bring it to you.  

This is how the game will work:

It will be played 1v1. Both participants will be placed in a 4x4 ring in opposite corners. The three weapons (Swift Dagger, Cursed Blade, Jolt Trident) will be given to each participant. When the host begins the battle, each participant will attempt to maneuver around the ring while attempting to cast Poison, Curse, and Jolt their opponents IN THAT ORDER. Jolt must be casted while the Curse and Poison are in effect. If Curse or Poison run out, you must re-cast them to finally Jolt your opponent to be victorious.

The game will be played elimination-style. You win, you continue. You lose, and you will be placed aside for a future battle. When an individual accrues two losses on their record, they are eliminated from the tournament. This will continue until we have a winner.

No items whatsoever. This means: No Indigo potions to curse poison, no Scrolls of Protection to repell Curse. No items means no items.
No clothes/armor will be worn at any time during the battle. This means: No rings, no helm/ets, no subaccessories, no necklaces, no shield. Kruna clothing will be allowed for modesty.
No weapons will be allowed except those stated above.
Listen to the host at all time and abide by his/her decisions during the event.
Healing spells will be the only spells allowed, to make sure the people of less strength are able to stay alive during a round. This means: No furies, rage, ASV, Hochi, nothing.

If any of these rules happen to be broken intentionally, the individual responsible will be removed from the event, no questions asked.

WHO: The Honorable Chongun
WHAT: Samurang Showdown
WHERE: Sacred Battlegrounds
WHEN: Saturday, July 15th at 8pm EST
PRIZE: Battle scar for victor, gold for runner-ups
PATH: All paths invited!