Board :Community Events
Author :Amatus
Subject :|{ /> Malgal Mission Hunt
Date :7/17
<b>           ,          ~ Sponsored by Koguryo Royal Army ~
         / \          
         {   }           <\  Chongun Mission Hunt />
        p   !
        ; : ;
        | : |         Fiery shooting stars have been falling
        | : |         from the dark quiet Northern Sky.
        l ; l         Animals have been running away from
        l ; l         their nests and caves in the forest.
        I ; I         We hear about the brave neighbors who
        I ; I         ventured into the night but are not
        I ; I         coming back. Our heavy hearts wonder..
        I ; I         Could Malgals be amassing an attack?
        d | b      
         H | H         When an uprising has occurred in the
        H | H         past, it became custom to host a
         H I H         mission to suppress these threats.
,;,     H I H     ,;,
;H@H;    ;_H_;,   ;H@H;   General Amatus will be guiding a
`\Y/d_,;|4H@HK|;,_b\Y/' Mission Hunt for the community to join
 '\;MMMMM$@@@$MMMMM;/'  on July 17th at 9:00pm EST. We will
   "~~~*;!8@8!;*~~~"    hunt for an hour, and plan on bringing
        ;888;     fitness gear and fearless wit for Malgalod!
         ;888;   Meet at Immortal's Gateway (59,7 Dae Shore)
        ;888;   prior to the beginning of the mission hunt.
        d8@8b    By assisting in purging these threats, you
         O8@8O     receive Chongunate and clan event marks.
<b>          `~`  Amatus, Chongun Constable, General of Koguryo