Board :Community Events
Author :Artifice
Subject :MMM Quest!
Date :7/15
<b>Merchant Midnight Madness Quest
A plea to the community!

The Merchant Guild of Koguryo needs your help!
The Guild has a rather large number of poets who
need to defeat Storm, but we are a little shy on
keys for our keysets. We also figure we can help
with repair bills by crafting a few gems. Help us
help these young poets. We need the following to
be able to assist:

- 30 Amber
- 15 Dark amber
- Any (2) Trigram keys

<b> All items MUST be turned in during MMM.

Your help shall not go unrewarded, once MMM has ended
you will receive recognition for your efforts.

All of those who come to our aid will receive
Recovered the Treasure (x) times on their legends.

Kind regards,
The Merchant Guild of Koguryo