Board :Community Events
Author :Eungi
Subject :-{===> Do poetry contest
Date :7/15
     Do Poetry Contest

      The Do path invites you to participate in its
       bi-weekly Poetry Contest once again. Show your
      knowledge  of  weapon lore  and  your artistic
      spirit in one fell swoop!

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                   This Week's Topic:

<b>                     The Zibong Blade

                   ((Due by July 17))
                   ((Submit to Eungi))

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<b>                     How does it work?

       Be poetic; be expressive! We accept any and all
       styles  of poetry. One need not rhyme or write
       with reason -- even the traditional haiku or
       limmerick is fine.
       We urge you to be creative with the topics
       and use your own interpretation and imagination
       -- just be sure your submission remains relevant
       to the original theme.  You may add any sort
       of twist(s) you like: comedy, tragedy, etc.

       All entries must be mailed to Beck by the
       date listed above.  Late submissions will
       not be accepted -- absolutely no exceptions.

        Winners are announced on the Event Winner board.

<b>                   What are the prizes?

      1st place: 3 Points toward the Weapon Lore Mark
      2nd place: 2 Points toward the Weapon Lore Mark
      3rd place: 1 Point toward the Weapon Lore Mark

      It takes a total of six points to be honored as
      a Teller of Weapon Lore. Once you have reached
      that amount, you will be notified. Also, you may
      still participate after earning your recognition
      if you would like -- in fact, we encourage you
      to do so.  Alternative prizes will be provided.

<b>         Brought to you by the Do of Sanhae Villag