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Author :Luxe
Subject :[M] CTH Class (Registration Required)
Date :7/16
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<b>                               Presents . . .

<b>             Certified Treasure Hunter Course

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The Merchant Guild of Koguryo now offers courses for the community to earn their Treasure Hunting Certification. We welcome and encourage all members of the community to attend.

<b>Course description:

This course will focus on a combination of active learning and collaborative problem solving to develop the skills necessary to be a successful treasure hunter. Topics to be covered during the three class sessions include, the history of treasure hunting, the divisions of treasure hunters, the phases of a treasure hunt, and the hunt itself.

<b>Course objective:

The objective of this course is to familiarize the prospective treasure hunter with the basic concepts and purpose of the treasure hunting field as well as encourage students to select their treasure hunting division.

<b>Course completion:

In order to earn a treasure hunting certification, all three classes must be completed. Classes are accompanied by a brief homework questionnaire which must be completed before attending the next class. Once all three classes and homeworks are completed, students will be recognized as a Certified Treasure Hunter and will be pre-qualified to work towards obtaining treasure hunting rankings and division recognition.

Classes may be completed in any order. If you have missed a class a makeup may be made available by written request, alternatively you may just attend the next session of the class you have missed.

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<b>        Registration Info (Please Read Carefully):        
       Class times and locations to be determined
       based on student availability. Please send
       a letter  to  Luxe with the days and times
        you  are  available  ((in EST)).  You will
        recieve course information and class times
       via lettered reply.

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