Board :Community Events
Author :Luxe
Subject :[M] Treasure Hunt (|)
Date :7/16

<b>                  The [M]erchants of Kugnae
<b>                and the (|)ceana Clan of Kugnea
        Would like to invite you on a Treasure Hunt!

 WHAT   :   Finding Pirate Red Beards treasure!
 WHERE  :   Dae Shore Beach Party
  WHO    :   Everyone is invited!
  WHY    :   To find the X marking the spot!
  WHEN   :   Sunday, July 16th - 7:00pm EST


<b>    DETAILS:
    Ahoy there landlubbers! Fancy you some adventure?
   A little danger? Sparkly things? I have a treasure
   map from the dread pirate Red Bear himself!
    We will follow the clues until we get to the X!
    X marks the spot. It always does.

   All participants aiding in this effort will recieve a
   mark from the [M]erchant guild.

    The treasure hunt MVP will recieve a <> diamond <>
    engrave of their choice!    
<b>    RULES:
-  Treasure hunt will begin promptly at 7:00pm EST
    and continue for 1 hour.

 -  Leave the looneybins at home ((Stay in character!))