Board :Community Events
Author :RebelMagic
Subject :/|\ Musical Stag /|\ 9:30 PM EST
Date :7/15

The classic druid game is very simple to play. You come to Silent Glade. There will be stags, for each player and as the game goes, there will be always one stag less than players, so not everyone can mount.

The host will ask everyone to dance and move around the room until s/he yells "Mount", then everyone runs and mount a stag. The person left without a stag, is out of the game. Another stag will be removed, until there is only 2 players and one stag. One of them will be the winner!

~No spells.
~No camping around a stag.
~No hitting the horses.
~No harrassing the hosts
~We ask all players to stay In Character all the times
~Players disrupting event may face removal

(There will be multiple rounds. )

The prizes for this match will be:

1st: 100k Gold Coin
2nd: 50k Gold Coin


What: Musical Stag
When: July 15th at 9:30 pm EST
Where: Silent Glade in the Sacred Grove.
Wilderness ((Coordinates 173,213))
Why: Fun and prizes.
Who: Everyone.


Another great event brought to you by the Druid Subpath.