Board :Community Events
Author :Sarphendon
Subject :    --}===> T h e   D o   M a s a i  
Date :7/14
<b>           --}===> T h e   D o   M a s a i  <==={--
The Do Masai, which translates to "Polishing One's Sword" is a community tradition held by the Do subpath for the purpose of training and demonstrating a group's combat abilities.

<b>~Dates & Times~
     ->  Sunday, July 16th, 2017
     ->  9pm EST

<b>~Rules & Regulations~

<b> Division:
`Godan:   99 - Uncapped+ [Mayhem]

<b> Teams Composition:

` 3 people per team, select one to be captain (choices are
` If a captain has won a masai, you must select another as a
 captain.  If everyone on the team has won a Masai as a
 captain, then you may choose anyone as captain.
` No more than 1 mage and 1 poet per team
 * Example teams: Rogue, Rogue, Poet :: Poet, Mage, Warrior

<b> Scoring & Time Limit:

` Each round is best 2 of 3 matches
` Bracketed finals rounds are best 3 of 5 matches
` Between Matches teams will switch start positions to promote
` Time limit per match is 10 minutes
   * No time limit for the finals matches
` Should time limits be exceeded you will gain points for kills  
   * Warrior/Rogue = 1 point   * Mage/Poet = 2 points
   * Captain = +1 point
   Note: Points reset between matches

<b>  Round Robin Rule:

` Should we only have three teams for a Masai, the first team to win twice in a row wins. Teams will be assigned a number, two random teams will have the first round. The winner of that round, plays the team who sat out. Then the cycle will repeat until one team wins twice in a row

<b> Sudden death rules:

` If the time limit is exceeded, and the teams are tied for
  points then a sudd'sec
en death match will be held. This match has
  no time limit.
` In a 5x6 circle the team who kills a member of the opposing
  team first wins the match.
` Push (Barbarian spell) is not allowed during circle matches.
` Should a player step out of the circle for what ever reason during
  a match, they must immediate walk back into the circle. At the hosts
 descretion they will be considered out of combat if they do not.

<b> Substitutions:

` If a team member must leave then you may have a subsitute that
  is NOT FROM ANOTHER TEAM join your own.
` Substitutes can be anyone from the same division or LOWER
` The substitute must be of the same point value as the previous
 * Mages/Poets can only be replaced by someone of the same path
  (mage for mage, etc)
` At least one original member must remain after all
  substitutions are made or the team is disqualified.
` Players who are replaced by a substitute forfeit their rights
  to prizes should their team win.
` Substitutions cannot be made during a finals Match/Round.

<b> Foods

` Foodstuffs are ALLOWED
  *Examples include bear livers, meat scraps, etc.

<b> Banned items:

` Arrows of any kind           ` Bombs
` All potions and scrolls      ` Moonshard
` Teapots                      ` Harnessed Elemental Power
` Spirit's gift                ` Easter Candies
` Orbs  

<b> Banned Spells:

` Reincarnation                  ` Onyon
` Sleep & Blind traps            ` Any Summon spell (CoTW etc)
` Spells that creates a pop up
` Spells that change a persons dye

<b> Prizing:

` Upon winning the Masai the team captain will receive an Honor
  Laurel once, and only once.
` If the team captain has already received an Honor Laurel then
  they may appoint another on their team to receive it.
` All 3 team members will be marked with the Masai branding.
` Upon winning you may not participate/substitute in anymore  
  Masai's for the month and must wait until the next.

* Rules are subject to change at any time at hosts discretion

<b>Additional prizing shall be given to the winning team, <B>1,000,000 coins, and an I-Ching reading sponsored by the <b>Diviners.