Board :Community Events
Author :Tyrra
Subject ::: 6PM Elixir ::
Date :7/14
<b>      _.-"/___________________________________/////
<b>      `'-.\~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~\\\\\
<b>           ___________.__  .__       .__        
<b>           \_   _____/|  | |__|__  __|__|______
<b>            |    __)_ |  | |  \  \/  /  \_  __ \
<b>            |        \|  |_|  |>    <|  ||  | \/
<b>           /_______  /|____/__/__/\_ \__||__|  
<b>                   \/               \/    
<b>       \\\\\___________________________________\"-._
<b>       /////~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~/.-'

<b>                  Doors Open : 5:45 PM EST
<b>                 Doors Close : 6:00 PM EST

All carnage, kingdom, and sage laws apply and will be abided
     Please show 60% of your team color at all times
          All wings and capes are to be taken off
         Respect your hosts and other participants

    Best 2/3
    Vote: Auto or captain

<b>          Continue reading if new to Elixir:

  The object of the game is to make it to the other team's base, step on it to get their trophy, make it to the NPC in the middle and turn it in by (h)anding him an acorn WHILE dyed your team's color.  You CAN hand him an acorn while NOT dyed your team's color, but it will not count!  Make sure to have enough acorns in case you hand some in while frozen.

  Bows and arrows are provided to all participants upon entering the arena before each round.  Your arrows are limited, so use them wisely!

  Shooting an enemy player will usually dye them to your team's color; if they move while dyed in this way, they will die (be sidelined) and cannot play until the next round!  Likewise, if you move while dyed the opponent's color, you will die!  A teammate must shoot the "frozen" player with an arrow to dye them back to their team's color before moving.  Be warned -- arrows DO have a chance to fail at dying a player, friend and foe alike!

   Defenders must move every 5 seconds when they are free to do so.  "Defense" is defined by the quarter of the arena by your team's base up to and including the NPC line.  If you are on the line beyond the middle NPC, or closer to the enemy base, you are no longer on defense.

  You may NOT step on your own base!

  You may NOT step on the NPCs middle base unless you have the trophy.