Board :Community Events
Author :Yttribium
Subject :3:30 am General class - Late night edition
Date :7/16
 I will be holding a general class today, late night, because people who are on this time don't seem to get any love with events or things.

WHERE:  Tutor's domain.

Today's main topics:

For you Alliance people:
Spawning time     :How does it work?  When will it be there?
Spawning location :Where will it be?  How should I kill it?

For information long forgotten:
Vita / Raging     :Which for what and why?
Flamespears       :How do they work?

For Sam/Sa people     :
Karma                : You can't buy Karma?  What now?
Requirement(s) tips  : What should you consider?

Any random questions are allowed.

The usual stuff about being nice and not be disruptive is in place!