Board :Community Events
Author :Zanso
Subject :<\ Chongun Gauntlet />
Date :7/17
<b>                0======[;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;>                  

<b>                   /> The Gauntlet />
<b>               <;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;]=======0

Through ages many people have been put into a gauntlet to test their skill and might, but are you able to come out above all to claim the victory?

Think you are good at using your attacks? Prove it
<b>                    /> How to play />
* Players will be seperated into two different factions (Black or White).

<B>* When the game starts players from different faction will <B>attempt to land an attack (LS/DA/KYA/WW) on one another.

* Get hit and you are out. If all of one faction is out, we will split up the remaining faction to duel it out.

* There will only be ONE winner per round and event. Depending on how many players, we will decide how many wins to win the event.

* Blocking others is a legal tactic.  However, you must continue to move even while blocking.

* Simultaneous hits will result in both players being out.

* Respect host and participants.

<b>                       /> Rules />
*Respect host and participants
*Stay in your tiles for all times (move to opponent tiles you are OUT)
*No invisible or ambush for rogue
*Never stop moving while you are fighting  (I see you stand more than 5 seconds, you are OUT)
*Blocking your teamates is LEGAL


<b>                     /> Information />

* Where..? Sacred Battle Grounds (Located in Dae Shore)

* When..? (( 10:00am EST ))

* Who..? All fighters with vita attack

<b>* Prize..? A battle scar ((Chongun mark))
Side note: If a guide isn't there at the event, a guide will
          contact you about the mark.