Board :Community
Author :Maron
Subject :Commission a job quests
Date :7/9
Some citizens have noticed that the "Commission a Job" quests are available again in Buya. There are five available jobs to do and each gives minor quest experience, a pirate coin and adds a number to the "Commissioned for services rendered" legend mark.
Here are the jobs which can be done at any order:

Commission a Job 1: Dok Smith - 10 metal, 10 fine metal
Commission a Job 2: Blossom Seams - 1 Holy ring
Commission a Job 3: Paryu Message - 1 Titanium lance
Commission a Job 4: Pitch Shop - 3 Tao stones
Commission a Job 5: Ogi butcher - 2 Purified waters

Even if you've done these quests before, you can re-do them now. It's not know if it's a permanent addition or if it will go away soon. So if you want it, be sure to try it now!

<b>Courtesy of Vini for old NexusAtlas post about this.