Board :Community
Author :Teragg
Subject :re: Lancin, #1687
Date :7/4
   I respond here, as I believe this is an issue of interest to the community, and thus, it should be accurate and correct, not slanted as your post is.

**So there is a specific judge I do not like.
I asked Teragg in whispers if it was illegal to F9 a judge,
he said no.
He stated that F9'ng a judge is perfectly legal**

You're good up to this point.  Let's consider the rest of your post.

If you F9 a judge and you do something they consider jailable and are not able to reach you because of F9 they can jail you without warning.**

Depending on the severity of the crime, this is a possibility regardless of f9 status. Not very often, but yes. An example would be blatant sexuality or profanity in sage.

**That seems fair right? So.. In other words, if you and a judge don't like each other, and you don't want to hear his sages or messages when you happen to be in the same general area, you don't really have the option to F9 him or her.**

  I seriously doubt any regular conversation with another player by said judge, or even a normal sage by said judge that does not involve you is really so disrupting or offensive to you that you must rely on f9.

**Because if you DO F9 them, you have a SEVERE disadvantage if they are the one who happens to see you make a mistake.**

  A simple mistake is exactly the reason said judge needs to be able to contact you, warn you verbally, and correct the action.
As I said to you...and to anyone...being unable to reach you nullifies a judge doing his duty. We can't simply ignore it because we cant talk to you.

**Consider if this person and yourself don't like each other already and this comes in to play, what do you think this judge is going to do when he is given the opportunity.**

   This judge will do exactly the same as I or any other judge will do, regardless of personal feelings.  There are some in game that I, and other judges, highly dislike.  But any punishment must fit the crime, and every punishment is reviewable. We will treat you the same as any other player, feelings not withstanding.

**You may think, well what choice do they have if they can't contact you?
Uhm, here, let me see.
use /report and contact a archon to contact them**
We try, but an Archon is not always available.
**get another judge to contact you instead**
See answer directly above this.
**put you in time out without a red mark until someone else can handle what happened.
Silence you.
Yet they have the option to just jail you on the spot. Fair?**

Silencing you requires an Archon assistance, judges dont have that spell.  A time-out is non-removable, and if the crime did not justify that severity of a warning in the first place, then not a good alternative, but possibly the only last option we have. If after further investigation, it is deemed excessive, we cannot remove it, so no going back over it.  Fair??  Nope.

  If you wish no personal contact from a judge, simply say so.
All my judges are instructed to honor this as if an f9, for all reasons OTHER THAN OFFICIAL duties.  But if you insist on placing a judge on F9, you literally tie our hands from being fair.  We must react to an illegal act or broken rule as appropriately as conditions allow.  Please not make it worse than it need be.

Head Judge Teragg