Board :Dream Weaver
Author :NexusTK
Subject :Server & Client Patch - Jan. 16th, 2017
Date :1/16
- Winter Wonderland ends.
- New players are dropped at the inn, not in Tangun
- Default login locations will gradually be switched to inn.  (Saying 'Clan' will take you to your clan hall.)
- F1 & Shift + F1 swapped.

There can be some confusion, and glitches regarding the new default login location.  We apologize.  This is an attempt to have the new players and old players mingle with each other, as suggested by many players, repeatedly.  This has been a lot more tedious task than we anticipated, due to all the changes accumulated over the years.  We will improve and clean up as we move along. Your understanding and patience is greatly appreciated. Thank you.