Board :Dreams
Author :Chicago
Subject :Orbs
Date :9/11

TLDR: wth is the actual plan for Orbs? They've been around long enough that we should know what their actual future purpose is..


Can we get some sort of official confirmation as to what exactly the purpose/plan is with Orbs in general? Maybe everyone already knows but me? If so, feel free to delete this or whatever but...

Like, what is the point? Are you making these things permanent spells or not? It's not even like many of them are money sinks or anything to take gold out of the game - most of them are absurdly cheap to the point of it kind of being pointless to even put a price on them or make them expire at all. Are you planning to make them pay 2 win kruna items?

Even if they're meant to be live play testing devices, haven't they been out long enough for you to gather whatever data needed and make an informed decision about which ones to implement and how?

I don't mean to sound like a jerk, I actually don't particularly care what you do or don't do, I'm just genuinely confused as to the lack of structure and randomness of it all. I know everyone's quick to defend TK and laud its "uniqueness", but there's a pretty basic and simple structure for game updates and communication ("patch notes") that seem to be either cryptic and largely selective (i.e: changing spouse/BB ringing mechanics and never saying a word about it), or absent entirely in this game..

... Seriously, what am I missing here?