Board :Dreams
Author :CloverLeaf
Subject :re: MQ's
Date :7/11
I read Morne's post about removing all the vale MQ's. I mean, really, come on. I have a little poet 15/10, and she can hardly do any MQ's so if you go removing all the ones fitting low level chars, you are really messing up these people.

And speaking of my poor, pathetic, low level poet, can someone explain to me why she has gotten ogres (in one form or another) as a MQ 13 out of the last 15 times? I mean she cant kill them. Give me a break! Why is she constantly getting hail ogre, ice ogre, frost ogre? She's pathetically weak and should not be given those in the first place but to give them to her 13 out of the last 15 times is simply ludicrous.

Rant over.