Board :Dreams
Author :Coby
Subject :ManlyGuy
Date :9/9
> I also am way confused why the 99 dog spell for rogues is >serpents fury, a spell that negates cunning. Dare i ask why?

I had to edit this for some reason.

Serpent's fury used to be a level 91 Rogue spell a long time ago.  It was changed to 99 with a 20/10 stat requirement. The GM, Kismet or whoever came after, said the reason for this was to make it fair for the Warrior who had to kill the rabbit 3 boss in order the obtain ~!Spirit's Fury!~. !!! FURY~!~~!

At the time this happened, no warriors used Spirit's fury because it was/is terrible and there werent many reasons to be a Non-NPC dog-aligned warrior using dog spells. No idea why they even put the effort into this change, if only to make both spells equally useless. They are effectively time capsules from a time before the NPC subpaths. if they want to revitalize the game they should look at stuff like this.

I have a couple of dreams.

1. I dream that Spot traps be made a guild spell like the warrior's non-pk "watchful eye."

2. Serpant's and Spirits fury be reduced to level 70 dog spells. Fighters at this level need all the help they can get, and it only gets worse until 99.  Hello 4.0 swing damage where it takes a couple minutes to kill anything. This is not the case anymore at 99 (it used to be), so why at 70-98?  

3. Change the 99 dog fighter spells to something awesomely useless, but useable!
Rogues: Disarm trap. Disables rogue traps on the tile the caster faces, has a cool graphic~
Warriors: Chung ryong's blessing - Combine and increase effects of sharpen and Greater blessing or backstab and flank into one all inclusive spell.    Has a cool graphic(s)~

 Let's harmonize the essence of spells and not leave these legacy black holes for future generations to attempt to rationalize, as this poor ManlyGuy has done.