Board :Dreams
Author :Cuppy
Subject :Re: Subchess -- NO!
Date :9/7
I think Mage has enough advantages no?

Think about it. Mage is THE ONLY path that gets:

- Heal (almost equal to poet + restore orb)
- Zaps (almost equal to poet + volcanic blast orb?)
- Curse (equal to poet + scourge orb)
- Kill (HF, Ferno, Sam HF, Sa HF + Slash orb???)
- FREE orbs (overflow! More attack!)

And now you ask for atone. Might as well include dispell, ambush, invisible and resurrect.


Dear Wony and NexusTK.

It's time to remove Sul slash or change it to a paid orb like warrior's WW orb. It's been long enough the Mages get free orbs. Just look at all the newly made mages. It must be the only path that allows someone to SOLO from 99-sam in less than a month.

Or put something in item shop to allow us to change our path because some of us want to be Mage now. Or give all paths equal orbs!

Thank you.

P.S: Please treat all paths equally. We all pay for the same fee every month despite our paths. There's no reason one path should have way more advantages than the others.