Board :Dreams
Author :Cuppy
Subject :Re: Griselda
Date :9/8
I will only say this..  there is a reason why the number #1 spot was occupied by Mage MOST OF THE TIME. There might be a few times when other path took it like Valandil for a very brief time because shans, scoobidu, winroute, feenix, tadae and raikou were not registered.  

And lets not deny it even during the "tough time" mages were still able to SOLO efficiently (read DarkCrystal's solo guide). What about other paths?

And yes I have 3 mages. In fact my first char was Mage. I know what it's like to play mage before all the advantages.

All I'm asking is Wony to be fair. OP orb like Slash should not be free and it's been free for a long time. It should be paid-orb like LS orb or WW orb.  

PS: I'm not going to argue with anyone so that's all from me