Board :Dreams
Author :DarkFragment
Subject :Remove new graphics
Date :7/10
Every single person I have talked to on Nexus has pretty much said the same thing.

We all loved the old style nexus, the old graphics on almost every item/map, etc.

The new system was forced upon us and when we all gave our dislike of it were just told to get used to it.

I dream of a day when nexus can be restored to it's old glory and I feel a LOT of people would feel the same.

Old style mythic was WAY better than this new map system and all the items looked so much better back in the old graphical interface.

RIP all the good looking graphics. =/

Spirit shard, Fate's blade, Dragon dagger, Star sword should NOT all have the exact same graphic, that's just laziness.

<3 you <3

I only disagree with the above changes with nothing but love!