Board :Dreams
Author :Debt
Subject :Poet improvements
Date :7/9
Poets could use a disease spell that reduces healing effectiveness on the target by 1/2 or 1/4 - would be especially useful in carnages and help balance the fights a bit.

Poets should receive a Hellfire orb - Retribution is pretty useless. Free, like mage orbs renewable every 24 hours - not usable in Carnage/Bloodlust

Poets  could also utilize a Sul-slash orb. Free like the mage's.

Finally, I think poets could use an inferno orb if the appropriate level - this could be a malg insignia orb.

What I find is that when I'm motivated to hunt, there aren't necessarily a lot of hunts going.  With the recent mage orb options, I find there aren't really that many other classes getting orbs, and poets are less effective solo than mages were before the adjustments.  I think this would help improve poets.

Thanks for considering my thoughts.