Board :Dreams
Author :Griselda
Subject :Re: Cuppy, please have a seat.
Date :9/8

  The Mages of Nexus, along with Rogues, had it rough for
years. When I say years, I say over a decade, and I'm going
to specifically explain it to you in a detailed post in hopes
that you understand why I'm asking you to have a seat. In
fact, I'm going to give you a good ol' Nexus TK timeline to
help you see how long it has been.

  We're going to start off with Yuri, and work our way to
ChiZao's tomb, where it all began. Mages in Nexus have always
had power, this is true, just like any other class, there is
no denial of this claim. However, since the crumbling of
ChiZao's tomb, which eventually brought to us the Vortex
hunting grounds, the paradigm has shifted and never remained
the same for classes.

  Since Marriage existed and Yuri was still alive, Mages
and Rogues were meant to be couples for Mythic hunting,
while Poets and Warriors were bread and butter too. Once
Vortex released and people continued to gain strength, Poets
and Warriors were able to excel through the charts, simply
because a Mage or Rogue was not 100% vital to a path hunt.
This has always been the case with hunting in general. If
a Warrior could take a beating, and the Poet was strong
enough, the power couple could fight their way to glory
without the need of a Rogue or Mage, unless the Rogue or
Mage were able to 1 hit certain caves, or provide sleep traps
to allow the Warrior to 1 hit mobs in Vortex. (Magus/Hunter3,
and eventually Anch/Shadow3).

  Mages and Rogues however, still could duo, but at a very
slower rate. Cun 5 was completely obliterated by Rage 6,
along with Warrior's ingress at certain Marks (ee+). This
caused an even greater divide among hunting, especially with
the invention of polearms. Yes, Mages were utilized for
their diamond-setting capabilities, but once a warrior
became a 1 hitter in Hunter3? Nah, don't need em unless the
Mage can 1 hit themselves as well.

   I want to say the Vortex opened up in 2003, or 2004?
You're welcome to quote me if I'm wrong on this, but
I need you to also realize that this has remained the
hunting scheme since then, and remained that way for well
over a DECADE until Wony came back and altered Mages, giving
them more power to be more viable in hunting, and also
helped out Rogues a bit too.

   To put it on a TK timeline.. Mages/Rogues have witnessed:
* King Yuri's Jubilee
* King Yuri's death
* The Death of Prince Kija
* The dismantling of the Nagnang Army
* The Marriage of Mhul
* The brith of Royal Twins
* The death of several gods, and even a GM (Mug)
* Multiple invasions of Mupa and her multiple defeats
* The Rise of new clans, several that didn't even exist..
* The arrival of Gogoon
* The arrival of Kinung
* A war over the Wilderness and the Tri kingdom alliance
* The entire game shifting from oldschool client, to a
   new client with updated graphics.
* The arrival of Kruna purchases.
* The crumbling/abandonment of a Clan (Elendhirin)
 * The arrival of many new hunting grounds. ATG,
  all Gogoon caves, Hamgyong Ogres, Courtyard, etc.
* The arrival of Sa san
* I think you grasp my point.

  Until you sit for a decade+, wondering why you're busting
your chops in Vortex diamond setting for terrible exp...

  Until you're denied a group unless you can 1 hit...

  Until you're denied a group unless you have Sam Mage SC...

  Until you've experienced the climb of what it was like
to be a Mage in Nexus pre/post Vortex...

   Then you can stand up. But for now, please stay seated.


PS: I still don't agree with SubChess' atone idea either.
   Mages get pummeled and tanked in PVP however. You can
   throw a SC/DH on a Sa+ mage and top fighters can wack em
   down in seconds if that Mage does not have a good healer,
   but I still don't think Mages should get atone.

   I just wanted to really stress to you the importance of
   the Mage changes and why they're viable after we've
   struggled for -years- to be balanced.