Board :Dreams
Author :Griselda
Subject :Re: Mornelithe
Date :9/9

 I wholeheartedly agree!

   On the topic of pestilence and Thunderbolt - These are
 some of the first spells that mages will ever see, so the
only reason I assume they still exist, was for their progra-
mming purposes. After the spell was programmed, it was a
 simple copy and paste for the programmer, thus creating
singe and ignite with just higher numbers involved into the
line of code. It's evident also that Will is factored into
the code, making it slightly stronger as we level up our
characters, which eventually levels up our Will, thus making
the spell stronger - albeit in a minor way.

   I assume the only reason these spells are even around
today, is for exactly that, and the coding has been applied
to many other future spells that we see. Ion, Ion charge,
Vex, Scourage, etc. Perhaps it just now serves as a blueprint
for the GMs when programming, perhaps they're just lazy and
don't want to alter their existence, or perhaps they have
legitimate concerns in even touching the ancient code, as
there is a possibility of a major bug resulting in their
adjustment or removal.

   When coding, you have to think of a lot of:

"If I type this" then "this should (hopefully) happen"
"But if this (unfortunately) happens, then "How do I fix it?"
"So what if this spell is applied with it?"
"What if we remove this spell, and replace it?"

 Basically a lot of "What ifs" "What could happen" "What will
hopefully happen", etc. If's and buts are candy and nuts,

  On the topic of Mica, Amethyst, and other materials/items
that are only a stack of One. I also agree again and this
should be seen as an easy fix to make them stackable, let
alone a higher drop rate in reality. I swear on the totems
that all it literally does is take thirty seconds out of a
programmers day to search for the item in the database, and
switch a few numbers around in a code. I see no excuse for
any programmers to not be able to adjust this. Is there an
element of fear for possible duplication? Of course. Is that
likely? I'm unsure, but I have my doubts. I can't think of
any items off of the top of my head right now that TK has
eventually changed from single stack, to multiple stack, but
I beleive there are a couple - so again, I see little to no
issue in changing this on a programmers perspective.

  The only NexusTK "oopsie" reference I can think of where
coding was broken in terms of items, was actually a wear-
able piece of equipment, when Mudullary subaccesories were
accidentally given +10-20 or something protection during the
Mupa's ice dungeon invasion event. This stat was clearly
broken beyond belief and Poets were breaking their poor
fingers in carnages/bloodlusts from the absurd amount of
Protection that prevented people from getting dispelled.
 A lot of people saw the subs as junk, being that they
 didn't give good stats otherwise when it came to AC, but
it became evident that a nearly unable-to-be-dispelled
player was at a far higher advantage than wearing diamonds
for their -AC.

  Interestingly enough, GMs throughout the years have had
no real self-interest to go back to content that was
programmed from previous GMs it would seem. If the bug is
minor and not game breaking, why bother altering it?

  Classic examples are when you Control Refresh at East gate
Kugnae and you see the ugly mis-tile that some mapper did
beneath the Kingdom's walls. In fact, Kugnae has a ton of
tile bugs that I've sent to archons/gms, and I haven't
seen them ever changed in years. The only real time I've
seen adjustments is when it's game breaking. Major dupe
issues, people getting max experience by killing 1 person
in Sire Pit inexplicably after a reset, adjusting medullary
subs for their insane protection, etc.

  So, in conclusion to my long winded reply, where I am
in agreeance with your dream on every aspect, I must inform
you that the chances of these spells/items being adjusted
are unlikely.:(