Board :Dreams
Author :Hocari
Subject :EXP Rate Standardization & Adjustments
Date :7/9
I think EXP rates for all caves should be standardized by tier.

What I mean by that is all caves per san mark should have the same HP:EXP ratio. For example, Flower 3 will give the same HP:EXP ratio as Turtle 3.

While there are other variables that will affect EXP rates such as cave layout and number of monsters, having a standard ratio is a good first step in balancing out caves and utilizing the numerous existing caves that go unused.

This is far better than the current design which has only one or two optimal cave(s) per mark, leading to overcrowding.

~ Part 2 ~
Furthermore, I think EXP rates should be increased all across the board pre-Asmodi 10.

The high EXP rate gained from Asmodi 10 outweighs the diminishing returns on selling stats. I'm pretty sure a lot of Asmodi 10 players are actually gaining stats at a faster rate than Il San or Ee San players.

Here's a current approximation of EXP rates.

99 (Courtyard): 250m/rage
Il San (Flower 3): 1b/rage
Ee San (Bird): 1.5b/rage
Sam San (Bird/Vortex3/Rhino): 2b/rage
Sa San (Rhino LR/Asmodi 9): 3b/rage
Sa San (Asmodi 10): 6b/rage

I think weaker/newer players should have an easier time catching up to the top. The pre-99 EXP bonus was a good start, but the same should extend to players all the way to Asmodi 10. Maybe not double EXP, but at least increased exp rates.

Here's my suggestion:

99 (Courtyard): 500m/rage
Il San: 2b/rage
Ee San: 3b/rage
Sam San 4b/rage
Sa San (Rhino LR/Asmodi9): 4.5b/rage

This game really needs more catch-up mechanics instead of the top players in the game leaving everyone else in the dust.