Board :Dreams
Author :Jotaro
Subject :Instant 99 item.
Date :9/12

  Levelling is worse than ever, the tutorial didn't
  change a thing, Ironheart and Jadespear quests
  aren't any help at all.

<b>   Leeching should not be the only way to 99.

  The great Tangun debate clearly didn't solve anything
  as you're still forced to hunt there from 1-whatever.
  Worst part of it all is you're strictly solo hunting
  as it is as ghost townish as ever.

  So, what can we do to this fix this? Everything else
  is some sort of profit making scheme so why not add
  an item to the kruna store that instantly boosts you
  to level 99 where the game actually begins.
  Tangun sucks, levelling sucks, leeching sucks.