Board :Dreams
Author :ManlyGuy
Subject :Baekho
Date :9/9
Alright my Dream isn't really a big one. Think its doable.
Easily summed up i think. The dog subpath spells for rogues. Serpents fury, and spot traps. I must say, I havent ever had much sucess with spot traps actually spotting traps. I also am way confused why the 99 dog spell for rogues is serpents fury, a spell that negates cunning. Dare i ask why?

Times have changed, and as fighter class you basically solo your way up or leech if youre rich. Could we maybe get some sort of SC, or a decent heal that doesnt cost 1000 mana, which usually leaves us using an entire inventory of pipes to restore mana? Maybe something more defined by the times.

Thats pretty much all.