Board :Dreams
Author :Mornelithe
Subject :RE: Pixy
Date :7/7

   Gosh, just eviscerate my dreams post, why don't you. =(


   Okay, now that I'm done sulking, yes and no.  The post was primarily to address movement.  Fixing "accidental chatbox scrolling" was a secondary goal.

   It's *very* rare that I want to scroll the chat box, so I'd really rather a key as crucial as the shift key weren't used for it.  It's also very rare that I only want to change the direction I'm facing, so I'd rather that not be the initial action performed via the arrow keys.

   What I would like to do is turn+walk faster, and I refuse to use 3rd party programs / registry edits in order to do so.  I believe there's a delay introduced because "change facing" and "walk" are two separate actions which use the same keys, and either the client or server overrides "walk" with "change facing" if it sees you're pressing in a direction other than the one you're facing.

   I would totally be okay with this option being toggleable; however, this change would actually help with manuverability in events rather than hinder it.  Yeah, you'd have to hold shift to turn when dyed or you'd walk and get sent to the sideline.  Seems like a small price to pay, to me.

Morne Falconsbane