Board :Dreams
Author :Mornelithe
Subject :RE: Subchess / Zakarum
Date :7/8


   Couldn't agree more.


<b>    I want to draw particular attention to this:

> I know that everyone that is Sa san right now went through
> it already and might not like that they should be remove
> or reduced by a considering amount

   Anyone who gets mad because wait gates get removed can quite frankly be completely disregarded.  Wait gates are *very* bad for this game's long-term health and should be completely removed.  I've taken prolonged (one year or more) breaks from NTK because of Sam San Skill alone.  Imagine how people feel coming in fresh off of Wisdom Star and are now Sa san stats, still waiting on Sage for Sam san?

   If the game allows you to get the stats in X amount of time, the trials should be 100% completable when you get there.  Sage, Events, Minor Quests, Ee Culture -- none of these things are relevant and none of them should hold anyone back from getting marks completed.

   Kru, and I do also very directly mean Wony, you have
<b>neglected this for far too long.  You *must* address this.

Morne Falconsbane
P.S.  Only 18 wins away.  Don't do this for my sake.  Do it for the sake of your product's future.