Board :Dreams
Author :Mornelithe
Subject :Minor Quests (edited)
Date :7/10

   Thanks for the minor quest run mini-event.  It's well-timed and I'm sure well-received.  Nice of you to not overlap Wisdom Star with it, too.

   As for my request and this post, please remove the following targets from Minor Quests:

  - Bear
  - Tiger
  - Black skeleton
  - Skeleton Ji
  - Skeleton Je
  - Skeleton Ja
  - Snow beast
  - Polar bear
  - Any other enemies in vale I've forgotten to list here

    Certain rogues love spamming sleep traps at entrances
    to vale during MQ runs specifically to troll people.
    These MQs empower those trolls.

  - Wicked ghost
  - Witch shaman
  - Blood tick
  - Massive scorpion
  - Warthog
  - Mud bull

    These targets have too great of a spawn delay, and as
    such are not fit for a multi-player game.  Yes, people
    can share kills, but that only works if you have the
    quest when someone sages they've found it.

    You can also technically get the same minor quest five
    times in a row.  I got Wicked ghost twice in a row on
    my warrior.

* * *

   Other MQs -- like Islets ogres, Iron Laberynth, Hamgyong basement cave are annoying, but are feasible for several people to do at once without stepping on each others' toes.

Morne Falconsbane