Board :Dreams
Author :Mornelithe
Subject :RE: Cloverleaf
Date :7/11

> I read Morne's post about removing all the vale MQ's. I
> mean, really, come on. I have a little poet 15/10, and she
> can hardly do any MQ's so if you go removing all the ones
> fitting low level chars, you are really messing up these
> people.

   There are *plenty* of low-level areas with minor quests.  Kugnae/Buya rat/rabbit/snake/fox caves come to mind.  Then there's the tiny arctic ogres that even a 10/15 poet should have no trouble killing.

   Having a minor quest run event which routinely sends people to Vale is just asking for trouble.

   Perhaps, instead, poets should be given easier creatures to kill for their minor quests.

Morne Falconsbane