Board :Dreams
Author :Mornelithe
Subject :Food for thought
Date :9/9

   The human body has, by default, 206 bones in it.  And yet, I must kill a hundred skeletons in vale skeletons just to get one bone.

   The nine-tailed fox has nine tails, and yet I must kill twenty of them (or more) to get one fox tail.

   Mica drops in multiple caves in Tangun, but this item has no use and is basically worthless.  Each one you pick up takes one inventory slot.

   The Tangun fox cave drops wolf pelts, which have no function in Tangun and each one takes up an inventory slot.

   Amethyst, Quartz, Topaz, Mica... these really aren't so different from Ambers, and yet they each take up one slot in your inventory per one that you pick up.

   The room "Enlightenment" in Tangun is a jail for new players or low-level characters, and the entrance is invisible.

   The mage spell "Thunderbolt" does one damage and costs one mana.  It's the first zap spell mages get, and it's far, far weaker than a mage's swing damage.

   The mage spell "Pestilence" is pointless.

   The spells "Spark", "Singe", and "Ignite" are all basically the exact same spell.  Ignite costs an additional 10 mana to cast.  New players are misled by this and waste time gathering materials for spells they don't need.

* * *

   There's a whole lot more where this comes from.  It'd be nice if these issues got addressed some time when the next big project you guys are working on is completed.

Morne Falconsbane