Board :Dreams
Author :Mornelithe
Subject :RE: SC
Date :9/12

   100% agree.  It's okay for monsters to scourge us because they're not typing on a keyboard with body parts that get carpal tunnel syndrome.  Plus, we have atone to counter it.

   Hunting as is basically requires scourge, which is tedious and frustrating, and bad for our real-world health long term.

   Add 50 AC to every monster in the game (where possible; I realize some things (like "Horse") cannot have this done).  Then, make all long-duration scourge spells PK-only.

   Here's as near complete a list as I can offer:

 - Tainted blade
 - Cursed blade
 - Corrupted blade
 - Forsaken blade
 - Insult          (Barbarian)
 - Dishonor        (Barbarian)
 - Vex             (Mage)
 - Scourge         (Poet, Mage Orb)
 - Hindrance       (Il san Mage)
 - Ju Jak's Curse  (Ee san Mage)
<b>  - Suppress*       (Sam san Mage / Sam san Mage Orb)
 - Snare Trap      (Rogue)
 - Storm of Misery (Sa san Rogue)

Morne Falconsbane

<b>* Before my fellow mages freak out, Pestilence is a short duration SC that's +5 AC.  If we keep that, and add 50 to all mobs, 50 + 5 = 55, which is the same as the paid suppress orb.  This is actually better than what we have now, because Pestilence has no aethers.