Board :Dreams
Author :Nimaway
Subject :Potion Bag
Date :7/13
Make all potions... green/brown/indigo/purple ect, stack to 10 max in inventory like red potions do already. Then make a potion bag, sell it to me for 10$ usd. It works the same as other bags, it can hold five stacks of any one type of potion. Easy win for KRU team, nearly all your pk players and boss hunters buy one for 995 Kruna.

Carnage and similar events now last too long because I carry 60 red potion? Wrong, infact they would be shorter because I kill you all or I rampage out of control and get cheaped. Who cares how long they take? The host of the carnage? Well they should be automated already anyways. We like pk, we go to have fun or just to hope our team wins so if ya don't want to play or watch for a bringers gift then go hunt for a bil exp.


Ya'll gotta get it together... choose free to play and pay to win. Crybabies should go get a job. This is the way of things now it's 2017... Hello? Make your money with sweet weapon skins, exp envelopes, and other extreamly useful things in the item shop like the equip restore. I could give you 100 ideas for useful things that would sell in the shop. I mean really... why dont you just sell gold in the item shop? Maybe some weapons with rockin stats? Armors, hand items? Why not? Why not sell Sa sacrafice coupons? Ee culture coupons? Do you not like money? I've seen the graphic spreadsheets, you have the awesome item/spell graphics available right? Why have we never seen the sweet stuff from Baram in NTK? What exactly are you waiting for?

There is 75 people 1 boxing, 50 people 2 boxing and 10 people 3 boxing. Out of the 135 people playing who are you worried youl'll upset with new content? New items? New options?!? And even if you were going to upset some, even many by making such a major shift like free to play.. wouldn't the money from all the new players buying kruna in time eclipse the few crybabies stuck in the stone age? Does KRU have goals? Do you guys have meetings around a table? Are they over in 5 minutes? Im just trying to understand what if any motivation KRU has because it doesn't feel like you want to grow. I'm sorry for ranting I am just confused. Does KRU hate NTK? Does KRU want NTK to die? Is the money you get from current registrations and Kruna not enough to warrant attention?

Correct my grammar and copy paste, thanks.